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CNC Machining, Turning, Milling Sydney

CNC Machining, Turning, Milling Sydney

Long Engineering is a privately owned business established in 1986 .We manufacture machined parts from all metals and engineering plastics,
Our core business is repetition using CNC 4 axis Milling & Turning Laths and CNC 4 axis Milling machines specialising in simple turned components to complex parts turned and milled in one setup in volumes from approximately 5 off to 5000 off.
We also provide Prototype work when associated with production runs.

In House capabilities:

  • CNC 4 axis machining (turning & milling)
  • CNC 4 axis Milling (milling with rotating axis)
  • Welding Fabrication (associated with machined components)
  • Design and development 
  • Assembly ,painting & plating
  • Automatic sawing up to 300mm dia

We Offer:

  • CNC Machining
  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling
  • Enclosure Machining
  • Plastic Machining
  • Prototype Machining
  • KTM Custom Parts
  • General Engineering
  • Large calibre ammunition boxes.
  • Chey Tac, Lapua Mag & others 

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Chey Tac

Large caliber ammunition boxes

Lapua Mag

Forged Steel
High Tensial
Stainless Steel
Welded and Machined
Welded & Machined

Loaded cartridges held securely

CNC machined from solid acetal plastic

Lid is grooved for firm grip

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CNC Machining Sydney - CNC Turning Sydney - CNC Milling Sydney - Plastic Machining Sydney - Custom KTM Parts

Lid can be used as a loading block