CNC Machining Sydney



Here at Long Engineering we offer a range of CNC machining services in Sydney.


We have been providing these services for more than 20 years and can cater to your specific engineering and machining needs.


In House CNC Machining capabilities:
  • CNC turning 2 axis
  • CNC 5 axis machining (turning &milling)
  • CNC 4 axis Milling (milling with rotating axis)
  • Welding Fabrication (associated with machined components)
  • Design and development- from concept to completion
  • Assembly ,painting & plating


We offer:

  • CNC Machining                                                         
  • CNC Turning                                                         
  • CNC Milling
  • Enclosure Machining
  • Plastic Machining

Contact us for your CNC Sydney machining needs on 02 9764-1400