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What Are Pipe Flaring Tools Normally Used For?

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12:50 PM

Pipe fitting may look easy and straightforward, but it really isn’t. The network of pipes that you see in your home, workshop, car’s engine, or any manufacturing unit doesn’t come readymade, ready for installation. It takes hours of labour and workmanship to complete a pipe fitting job.

The biggest challenge in the pipe fitting job is to attach a pipe to an attachment point that’s a different size than the diameter of the pipe. If the pipe is a larger size and the attachment point is smaller, you can fill in the extra space will sealant, but what do you do when the attachment point is bigger than the diameter of the pipe?

That’s where pipe flaring tools come into the picture. These are special tools that flare the ends of the pipe to make them big enough to fit onto the bigger attachment point. These are quite simple tools that anyone can use without difficulty. Whether you’re working on a commercial project or an at-home DIY project, pipe flaring tools can really make it possible for you to fit pipes of varying sizes together and ensure they’re joined together tightly. 


Where Are Pipe Flaring Tools Used?

Pipe flaring tools are used anywhere pipes are involved. If you look at any network of pipes, you’ll see that there are pipes of varying diameters, and the simplest and quickest way to attach them is through the use of pipe flaring tools. Pipe flaring ensures pressure-resistant and a leak-tight seal which is what makes pipe flaring one of the most commonly used methods of pipe fitting.

Let’s look at some of the most common applications of pipe flaring tools. 


High-Pressure Applications

Pipe flaring tools are used during the installation of pipelines that’ll be exposed to high pressure, like in the pipework for oil, gasoline, airlines, natural gas, and vacuum. Since pipe flaring makes extremely reliable and durable seals, the pipes attached using this method hold well under pressure. They make joints that can withstand pressure as little as 450psi and as high as 3000psi. 


For Hard to Hold Liquids and Gases

These tools are also used for applications that involve gases and liquid that are hard to hold, like in air conditioning and refrigeration, because the seals made through this method are leak-tight. 


In Automotive Industry

Pipe flaring is also used widely in the automotive industry. With the help of pipe flaring tools, mechanics are able to fit fuel, brake, transmission, and cooling lines. 


Where There Is High Vibration

Pipe flaring is also widely used in applications where pipes will be exposed to high vibration. Vibration can cause the pipe joints to come loose, but the joints are made to withstand high vibrations with pipe flaring. 


High Pressure Water Lines

Pipe flaring isn’t normally used in water lines, but joints are often made using pipe flaring tools if the water is flowing at very high pressure through the pipes. The joints made through this technique aren’t just durable under high pressure, but they’re also leak-proof, so the chances of water leaking or pipe joints breaking are quite low.

You can’t afford to take risks with pipe fitting jobs. At Long Engineering, you can rest assured that the job will be done right!