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What Is CNC Machining, Turning and Milling?

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14:31 PM

Are you familiar with CNC turning and milling? If not, then you may assume that they are similar processes that help achieve similar results. But when you know the difference between CNC machining, turning and milling, you can decide which method best fits your project requirements and eventually save a lot of time and resources. While CNC processes appear to be similar, they are technically different. Let’s take a closer look at CNC machining, turning and milling.


CNC Machining - Overview

Before we get into CNC turning and milling details, let’s first understand the overarching term CNC machining service. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and is a technology that allows you to feed instructions into a machine that controls the machine functions, including grinders, routers, lathes, and mills. The process also involves the removal of the excess material as waste from the raw material that is used to create the desired output with exact specifications. 

The CNC technology is largely used in the metal forming industry as it provides advanced precision and repeatability that’s almost impossible to achieve with manual processes. Now that you understand CNC machining, let's look at CNC turning and milling to understand the processes better.


CNC Milling

CNC milling is one of the CNC machining processes that produce custom-designed components or parts. The process involves progressive material removal from the metallic workpiece by relying on rotating cutting tools that offer multi-point cutting and computerised controls. As a result, the cutting tool is moving, whereas the metallic workpiece remains stagnant.

The process is more suitable for smaller productions and prototyping.


CNC Turning

On the other hand, CNC turning is a manufacturing process opposite to the milling process and allows rotation of the metallic workpiece to get the desired shape. CNC turning is an ideal CNC machining process for shorter lead times and larger production runs.


Why Work With Long Engineering

Whether you’re looking for CNC machining, turning, or milling, or any other precision engineering service, you need a reliable supplier that can offer you the highest quality output while standing the test of time.

That’s where Long Engineering can help. We specialise in CNC machining, turning, and milling can create hundreds or thousands of identical components under the supervision of our expert staff. And while we take care of the manufacturing process, it leaves you time and resources that allow you to focus on other integral aspects of your business, like expansion or product design.

Choose the services of Long Engineering and look forward to exceptional service. To learn more about what we do and how we can help you with your precise engineering needs, enquire online or get in touch with one of our team members.